How it works

As more customers are buying based on short videos they see on their social media, leverage a similar experience of selling via short videos on your website now!

3 simple steps…

1. Download Reelkart app from Shopify store

  • Sign in Hassle-free
  • Connect your store seamlessly

2. Get your reels

  • Add your short videos telling your product story
  • Connect the videos with the product for quick navigation

3. Connect products to reels

  • In a super easy user interface, connect your products to your reels
  • Once you’ve mapped all your products, wait for a few seconds to view your Reelkart page.

Within a few seconds,

Get your super cool, high-conversion Reelkart page ready to get in action. 

Where to use it?

  • Add this page to your header for easy navigation
  • Use the page URL for promotion to create a seamless transition from social media to your website.

Got Questions?

What Is Reelkart?

Reel Kart helps you to give your customers a chance to experience a unique shopping experience  on your own website and allows them to share it with friends and family. It is after-all the social media shopping experience. A state-of-the-art tech with an extremely easy integration process for you and uncomplicated shopping process for your customers

Why do you need Reelkart?

Video shopping has shown to increase conversions by up to 48%, increase 3x engagement on your website ,Reduce returns by up to 50%. It’s a great way to tell your product story, usage reviews and so much more

Will Reelkart reduce my website speed?

No, using Reelkart will only increase your store conversions.

How can I make the most of my Reelkart Video page?

Reelkart will create a customised video first product page for your website, it ensures seamless transition from social media to your website. To maximise conversions we encourage adding this page to your menu navigation and use the URL for your online ads.